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• Proprietary GENESIS Hybrid Thermal Core with Industry-First Image Detail Enhancement with Manual DSP removes the barriers between 384 and 640 resolution thermal sensors •


• Industry-First Super Controller allows instant multiple image adjustments without having to access complicated menus •


• Industry-First User Programmable Button •


• Ultra-High resolution 1,024 x 678 micro-OLED image display •


• Shutter-Free & NUC-Free Technology allows seamless operation day or night •


• On-board Solid Drive Video Recording with Quick Start and Battery Save mode •


• Detection range 2,000m (2,180yds) (O-40)
2,800m (3,052yds) (O-55) paired with high quality
.0 daytime scope at 6x magnification •


• Ability to identify targets at up to 12x image magnification (daytime scope dependent) •


• Recoil resistant on up to .300WIN magnum caliber •


• 10 color palettes, each with polarity image inversion •


• Super Contrast mode for instant true heat signature detection •


• Ability to pair the clip-on with up to 5 different weapons with quick settings recall via menu and convenient on-screen table to instantly check for deviation if it's necessary to remove the clip-on from the weapon •


• Automatic Bad Pixel Correction mode •


• Direct Picatinny attachment via included mount •


• Eyeshade style suction-cup for direct connection to daytime host scope •


• Direct attachment eyepiece available – turns the clip-on into a thermal spotting scope/monocular •




Omega Thermal Clip-On/Monocular

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