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      Full Moon Optics was born from a personal need and desire for the absolute best performing and most functional thermal and night vision optics at the best possible price. In close cooperation with Luna Optics, we were able to combine many years of industry, technical and field use experience to develop a brand of Thermal Imaging Products that are designed with first and foremost the end user in mind – our brand new GENESIS thermal imagers.

      Our motto has always been and continues to be …. Dare to Compare. We want to educate you about the industry, offer you quality options, and help you decide what works best for you. We have worked long and hard to plan this product carefully and maximize our engineering and field experience, and we truly believe we have reached our initial goal …. bringing to you, our customer, what we ourselves sought in the beginning, and continue to strive for today, and that is THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR ! 

After all … this is not just our business, it is our passion!

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