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  • Industry-first Thermal Modular (3-in-1) Device allows use as a dedicated riflescope, spotting monocular, or a clip-on module in front of the daylight scope!
  • Proprietary GENESIS Hybrid Thermal Core with Industry-First Image Detail Enhancement with Manual DSP removes the barriers between 384 and 640 resolution thermal sensors
  • Industry-First Super Controller allows instant multiple image adjustments without having to access complicated menus
  • Industry-First User Programmable Button
  • Ultra-High resolution 1,024 x 678 micro-OLED image display
  • Thermal sensor with Shutter-Free & NUC-Free Technology
  • Integrated 700m laser rangefinder provides reliable and fast distance readings
  • On-board 32GB Video Recording with Quick Start and Battery Save mode & Wi-Fi data streaming
  • 2.5x-10x image magnification (A-40 model); 3.5x-14x magnification (A-55 model) & 5x-20x magnification (A-75 model) (NOTE: when used as a Clip-On module image magnification is 1x)
  • Detection range 1,100yds (40mm lens) 1,500yds (55mm lens) or 2,000yds (75mm lens)
  • Recoil resistant on up to .300WIN magnum caliber
  • 5 types of aiming reticles with 6 selectable reticle colors (plus reticle OFF mode for use as monocular or a clip-on module)
  • 10 color palettes, each with polarity image inversion
  • Super Contrast mode for instant game detection
  • Ability to zero one scope on the same weapon for up to 7 different target distances
  • Multiple customizable user modes
  • User-friendly Bad Pixel Correction mode
  • various mounting systems available, including American Defense QD mounts for Picatinny rail platforms and traditional Forward-mounting bolt action Weaver style platforms


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